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Ruben Cardos

There's nothing like a real drummer to make tracks come alive. I've worked with loops and MIDI and compared them to real drummer tracks and there's so much more detail!

But I guess loops are not bad for demos or if you can't get hold of a drummer.

I Declare Samples

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Zazous Project

Hey, great info in drums. My initial feeling was that of disappointment when I started to explore what came with Garageband...I have been recording in Fruity Loops for a few years, but as I now own a mac, I decided to make the change...will definitely look to pick up a few packs...

Apple Loops

Just thought I'd mention that Tune-Up now offer their loops as instant downloads. Its taken a while to get round to it but now they offer packs at just $9.99. The website is Tune Up Apple Loops

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What's the difference between roots reggae music and dance hall reggae music?
I'm doing my paper on the difference between roots reggae music and dance hall reggae music and I want to know the difference and the different artist involved in both and I also want to know where can I get some primary sources on both of the topics.

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Anybody know any artists that used music as inspiration?
I wanna do an illustrated essay on music as an inspiration but i dont know any artists that do this. Any suggestions?


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