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James Walsh

I was wondering if anyone tried Soundtrack and what they think of it? I'm using GB 2 and like it. I have downloaded most of the free loops. I don't understand yet how to convert other sound files like MP3s and wav files to Apple Loops for use in Garageband.Any answers? I know it must be fairly easy! Making loops is easy.Just plug in your guitar or keyboards and play and hit record button.Then save as a loop.


I never used Soundtrack personally. But about making your own loops here's how you do it with GB2:

You can import Wav and MP3 files in GB so that should be fairly easy.

James Walsh

Thank-you. I also downloaded a new loops and found even aif.asd files renamed AIF files will work- when dropped into iTunes first and then into GB2.

Godbar Suchard - Free
Apple Loops for Garageband


I just launched which is a free site offering Garageband Loops to users of Garageband and Logic on OSX.

My site offers hundreds of free Garageband Loops in many different styles and genres.
Sign up and download Apple loops right now.

Godbar Suchard

Garageband Loops - Download Apple

Silicon Beats is our second site to offer Garageband Loops for Garageband and Logic on OSX. We offer hundreds of free Drum loops in the Apple Loops format which you can freely download.



MacPips offers free loops, no sign up is required, and we do more than drum loops. Download some free guitar, synth, piano and percussion loops now!

Michael Domaradzki

I use Soundtrack. I find Garageband an excellent tool to get started with, for initial arrangements etc. Recently though I was asked to help a mate with recording a Demo EP and it quickly became apparent that Garageband was too limited when working with non loop based material which we recorded. It took about a day to come to grips with it and I read the manual after hours to find shortcuts and techniques I could use to speed up the workflow. All in all it turned out to be an excellent multi tracker and we recorded mixed and mastered 8 songs within 7 days and when he left he had a fully designed CD with cover and even a printed disc face thanks to my Canon printer.

Looper - Lots of free loops in garageband format, 200+ different sample & loop packs. Over 10,000 loops if you count them all :)

Potsy Bisco

Some of the sites I checked were not free at all!

David Welch

I have just started using garageband and would like to find some more of styles that are long, medium, and short. I am not even sure what they are called.
I am looking for country and ballad types.

David Welch


Can anyone tell me how to get the original loop set that comes with the original software ? am running latest OS just vaporised my sound library somehow !


Soundtrack is great especially for making original music. If you are planning on using grage band tracks with final cut pro, I have found soundtrack to be a great way to export gb files for use with fcp. I have made a ton of orriginal music using soundtrack and recommend it highly. The next step up would be logic / logic pro, but it can get a bit complicated for someone unfamiliar with its interface.

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I have just started using garageband and would like to find some more of styles that are long, medium, and short.

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Garageband Loops

Tune-Up Loops here. This post mentions our old Tune-Up Mini demo pack, I'm not sure if iCompositions even offer it anymore. Our instantly downloadable garageband loop packs are the next best thing to free, if thats possible. We offer packs of 175 award winning loops from just $5.99.

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